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Showing remote files in the 'app' directory

Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I am having users upload private files to the /app di...

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posted 8 years ago

HHVM and laravel 4.2 issue

I'm trying to run an application on an HHVM 3.1 server and I'm getting a 'InvalidArgumentException U...

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Models and realtionships with a pivot table

Sorry for the noob question. I am using what I guess what is referred to a pivot table in Laravel 4...

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posted 8 years ago

CSS not being found in public folder (L4, HipHop, Nginx)

I am trying to link my CSS and JS in my blade template but they are not working. I used: <link re...

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posted 8 years ago

How to write this in Eloquent

I have a user's table for my application. I also have a pivot table for people who add other people...

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replied 7 years ago

Laravel vs Meteor JS

I started working on some MeteorJS apps. It's an interesting development tool. Since it's two differ...

replied 8 years ago

Controller that fires every time a page loads

Should I use BaseController to do my special functionality that I want to extend across all my contr...


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