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Last updated 2 years ago.

IN your service provider,


...isn't resolving to anything because you haven't (as far as I can see) told Laravel what class you want to implement that interface.

You need to make a second $app->bind() call for the interface to tell Laravel what class to use when the JobInterface is type hinted in the constructor function.

$app->bind('RocketCandy\Repo\Job\JobInterface', function($app)
            return 'Return a new class which implements JobInterface';
Last updated 9 years ago.

Many thanks Chris. The issue was actually in my RepoServiceProvider file (page 40 in your book). I'd attempted to implement the interface but rather unsuccessfully:

use Job;
use RocketCandy\Repo\Job\EloquentJob;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;

class RepoServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {

    public function register()
        $app = $this->app;
        $app->bind('RocketCandy\Repo\Job\JobInterface', function($app)
            $job =  new EloquentJob(
                new Job

Foolishly I should have have been RETURNING new EloquentJob instead of using the $job variable. Highly embarrassing but thanks for you help!


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