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Last updated 2 years ago.

Please don't use a facade for this. Instead you should see if you can create a trait. Since you are going to be reusing the functions within a class, this makes an easy way to share similar things around the codebase.

If they don't really fit into a trait then you can make a helper class to inject around (although this can be considered a code smell) or you can just register the functions as global functions and call them from anywhere you want without issue.

Last updated 9 years ago.

Traits are meant to be additional functionality on a model, not a reusable function.

What is the difference between registering global function and a fasade? Globals will pollute global namespace, which is not a great idea.


Thanks for the reply.

How do you register as a global function?



Take a look:

The second answer (the one with 9 upvotes) is interesting.


In my opinion, for reusable code you should try separating your logic into commands.

Asuming you have a "HelloCommand" you can call it from any controller/ artisan command using the DispachesCommand Trait

$this->dispatch(new HelloCommand($argument1, $argument2...));

You can throw events from a command (if you need some more stuff later)

Have fun!


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