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route caching in laravel 5

Hello, I have a slight problem with route caching when using closures in the routes file. My routes....

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using package only on local environment in Laravel 5

Hi, In Laravel 4.2, I was able to load a package only for my local development in config/local/app.p...

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replied 6 years ago

Help! New to Laravel! Accessing the Model Function using Laravel 5.2

There are a few methods in doing this: Static method in your model <?php namespace App; use Ill...

replied 7 years ago

Data from one view is shared with all views.

When you pass a variable to a view from a route or a controller, you can use that variable in all th...

replied 7 years ago

Return redirect from within another method in controller

public function getIndex() { $auth_return = $this->authorise('members.view'); if(!$auth_r...

replied 7 years ago

routes.php new route is not picked up by Laravel or Nginx?

try php artisan route:clear php artisan cache:clear

replied 7 years ago

Managing multiple models with a single set of index/create/edit views

you could have a partial view with the common input for create and edit


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