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posted 10 years ago
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isn't there a helper function to get the base path? so try: $newName = substr($directory, strlen(class_basename($directory));

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Yep, use class_basename() or simply just basename() which is already there for exactly this in php core.

$directories = array_map('basename', File::directories($path));
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The first answer was also good, but Tlgreg gave the complete answer in combination with the laravel code.

Here is the code intergrated into my files:


                 $directorySelect = array();
                foreach( $directories as $directory ) :
                $directorySelect[$directory] = $directory;
                endforeach;  $directories = array_map('basename', $directorySelect);
           echo Form::select('KAMdossierNummers', $directories) ?> 
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