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Do you ask the question in offical laravel forum :) You supposes the answer is which one ?

For fast development it can use Laravel.

If your projects are enterpriser projects and LTS is important by thinking your projecs I recommended Symfony..


well LTS etc is no longer relevant since 5.1 is officially an LTS version with support for 2 years..


Again this spammer, they edit post after some answers and add link.


For a company who professes to be Laravel experts you'd think they'd answer the odd thread... but for some reason they think it's far more productive to spam everyone with twaddle.


I tried to learn Symfony2 a while ago before settling on Laravel and found it harder to understand with less specific resources for learning. I like how Laravel seems to have more assumptions than Symfony and because of that makes it easier to learn how to do something in a best practice sort of way from looking at other's code.

Also, I think laracasts is totally worth it if you're on the fence.

DevotionGeo said:

I recommend Ruby on Rails. PHP and Laravel will need 20 more years to reach to the strength of Ruby and Ruby on Rails respectively.

In what ways is Laravel behind Rails? I've used both and disagree as I find the capabilities to be very much on par.


I'd prefer Laravel for the answer. For as far as i concern, I use laravel because its power for fast developing and development.



I like laravel for small projects, but it will take 10000 years to catch java technologies. well maybe not that long.


Symfony 2 if you can. Laravel is a Symfony project and almost every solid thing in Laravel comes from Symfony.

Also the remaining difference is blade vs twig and eloquent vs doctrine and the structure. Doctrine hands down beats eloquent, it has loggable and translatable extensions, it can return the result of complex queries directly in objects rather than only arrays, built in mappers so it knows when it can just skip doing a query and grab the results internally. You can combine queries and flush them all once.

Eloquent is better than nothing at all, but does not compare to doctrine.

The bundle structure in Symfony is much better than just piling all the controllers in one directory and all the views in another directory so far away from the controllers...

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