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Last updated 1 year ago.

Is there anything in the laravel log? Also you should include what driver you are using (smtp, an api, etc)


Thanks for your reply.

Not sure how to check log, i will try to find out.

my current Heroku variables as below

Your alt text here

on my mac, i am using vagrant and setup local env variables as below. Test email is working but due to some reason on contact form submitted it shows "sent successfully" but no email is sent.

Your alt text here

Heroku: Github:

Last updated 6 years ago.


I was able to config laravel on heroku properly at

if you test


I can confirm on my email, its sending mail but

via contact form its not!

Last updated 7 years ago.

Would that domain be the cause?

$message->to('[email protected]', 'Admin Hazzir');


Thanks for pointing out that, I updated here

Works fine!

Your alt text here

I tested it but seems my mail gun serve is sending emails with delay! anyways How i can check logs in laravel so i can confirm email is sendout? just incase :)

Last updated 6 years ago.

I don't think laravel will log that you're sending a mail by itself.

If you're using mailgun, I believe you can see it in their interface under Logs after you log in.

For local development you can change the maildriver to log (MAIL_DRIVER=Log in .env) or use something like mailtrap, see (


Check whether you have setup the mailing functionality correctly or not from the scratch. You can follow this tutorial: Laravel Send Email Check whether you have configured the routes correctly.

Last updated 6 years ago.

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