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Last updated 1 year ago.
public function authorize()
	return false;

You are returning false, which forbids access to everybody. You should change that to return true; to allow everybody to submit a form.


Of course. I forgot this. Thank you very much. I also forgot to add use Redirect; to PageController.

But now I have error

InvalidArgumentException in UrlGenerator.php line 278:
Route [contacts] not defined.

Np. :)

The new issue is because the route() method is for named routes. The to() method is for a specific URI. In your routes file, you defined the contacts URI, but you didn't give it a "name". You only specified the uri and action.

			// uri		// controller action
Route::get('contacts', 'PageController@contacts');

Changing it like this assigned a "name" to your route.

			// uri		// route name		// controller action
Route::get('contacts', ['as' => 'contacts', 'uses' => PageController@contacts']);

You can read more about that in the docs:

Another option you can do is change the route() method to the to() method.

return Redirect::to('contacts')->withCategory($category)
                                          ->with('message', 'Thanks for contacting us!');
Last updated 8 years ago.

I want to use input information in $message variable like this

$message->from($request->input('email'), $request->input('name') );
$message->from($request->get('email'), $request->get('name') );

but have

ErrorException in PageController.php line 46:
Undefined variable: request

for me it is not obvious why inside one function $request->get('name') works in Array and then doesn't work in $message

	public function sendmail(ContactFormRequest $request)
		$category = Category::where('sef', '=', 'contacts')->first();
            	'name' => $request->get('name'),
            	'email' => $request->get('email'),
            	'user_message' => $request->get('message')
        			$message->from('[email protected]', $request->get('name') );
        			$message->to('[email protected]', 'Admin');
        			$message->subject('Письмо с сайта - страница контактов.');

    	return Redirect::route('contacts')->withCategory($category)
    									  ->with('message', 'Thanks for contacting us!');
Last updated 8 years ago.

From the PHP site themselves (

Closures may also inherit variables from the parent scope. Any such variables must be passed to the use language construct.

So, try changing



function($message) use ($request)
Last updated 8 years ago.

thanks a lot. this solved the issue


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