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I completely agree. Laravel is awesome.

Last updated 2 years ago.

As a former Rails dev (I can't name myself Laravel dev tho) I want to say a couple of things:

This days, I can say that there is no "real" vs between framework themselves but more vs ideas, language or even community. When I decided to start learning Laravel, I started the "Getting started with Laravel" from laracasts and on the middle of it I said, ok, stop this is like rails, nothing really new here.

What I want to say is that the way we are doing backend this days is not much different between choices. For better or worse, Rails created a milestone on web development and the rest of frameworks is just applying the same technique with some differences. That also mean that the new frameworks applies better ideas than Rails. For example ASP.NET MVC is going to be better than Rails as a framework (community, libraries, etc is another history), they apply the Rails ideas in a much better way.

Also on this kind of vs I personally check ram consumption (I like to make different apps and I have to pay the servers from my pocket) and I have a little little Rails app (which no visits, or at least it has no value as a page) and it is using almost 200mb of ram. PHP-FPM uses a lot less.

For me (javascript dev), I see Laravel as a good backend option for my apps. It has the good part of rails with its own flavor. Never done any PHP before but even when I really love Javascript, PHP is like hey, features :P


Last updated 2 years ago.

laravel vs rails?

I'd been a php developer for last 10 years, now I've been a rails developer from 2010.

actually, laravel has some good features like rails, but not better than rails in all aspect in my opinion!


I have written an article on it Laravel vs Django vs Rails


DevotionGeo said:

80 % times I use CodeIgniter and Laravel and only 20 % times I use RoR. Laravel is awesome in PHP ecosystem, but isn't better than RoR in any aspect, secondly ruby is far better than php.

reference to what?


Depends on the project. RoR you can get up and run fairly quick, a huge amount of documentation/guides, and gems to help you along the way. If you want to dabble in pure JS, you can certainly take the route of NodeJS. However, with Node, I don't believe there's a full-featured framework comparable to Rails, maybe Sails? From what I've seen, you would need to combined components yourself otherwise. My projects with NodeJS are limited to small APIs, web applications, and data processing so the last statement could be incorrect nowadays.


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