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Hello @patelmahmed

Can you explain more in what you need and what you have tried?


i want to add gst tex in laravel e-commerce website...3 type gst in product gst add in laravel 8


Calculate GST Tax in Amount in laravel e-commerce website...explain step by step brief


To add SGST, CGST, and IGST calculations to your e-commerce website's cart and checkout pages using JavaScript, you can follow these steps:

Create a function to determine the type of tax (CGST + SGST or IGST) based on the buyer's and seller's GSTIN:

function determineTaxType(buyerGstin, sellerGstin) {
  return buyerGstin.substring(0, 2) === sellerGstin.substring(0, 2) ? 'intraState' : 'interState';
Create a function to calculate the tax amounts based on the tax type and tax rates:
function calculateTaxes(taxType, taxRates, taxableAmount) {
  const taxes = { cgst: 0, sgst: 0, igst: 0 };

  if (taxType === 'intraState') {
    taxes.cgst = taxableAmount * taxRates.cgst / 100;
    taxes.sgst = taxableAmount * taxRates.sgst / 100;
  } else {
    taxes.igst = taxableAmount * taxRates.igst / 100;

  return taxes;

Define the tax rates for your products:

const taxRates = {
  product1: { cgst: 9, sgst: 9, igst: 18 },
  product2: { cgst: 14, sgst: 14, igst: 28 },
  // Add more products and their tax rates

Use the above functions to calculate the taxes for each item in the cart:

const cartItems = [
  { id: 'product1', price: 100, quantity: 2 },
  { id: 'product2', price: 200, quantity: 1 },
  // Add more items

const buyerGstin = '27XXXXXXX1234Z5';
const sellerGstin = '29XXXXXXX1234Z5';

const taxType = determineTaxType(buyerGstin, sellerGstin);

cartItems.forEach((item) => {
  const taxableAmount = item.price * item.quantity;
  const taxes = calculateTaxes(taxType, taxRates[], taxableAmount);

  item.cgst = taxes.cgst;
  item.sgst = taxes.sgst;
  item.igst = taxes.igst;

Display the calculated taxes on the cart and checkout pages, and include them in the total amount.

<!-- Cart table -->
  <!-- Table header -->
  <!-- Cart items -->
  <tr v-for="item in cartItems">
    <td>{{ }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.price }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.quantity }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.cgst.toFixed(2) }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.sgst.toFixed(2) }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.igst.toFixed(2) }}</td>
    <td>{{ (item.price * item.quantity + item.cgst + item.sgst + item.igst).toFixed(2) }}</td>

By following these steps, you can add SGST, CGST, and IGST calculations in your e-commerce website's cart and checkout pages using JavaScript. Adjust the tax rates and GSTINs according to your specific use case and product catalog.


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