Database Architecture Suggestion

Hello, I need suggestions for database architecture. I am going to build SaaS application for Company's employee management. Each company can create own account and they can have their employee management modules. So, Can I have to go with single Database OR Can I have one master database with individual database of each company.

Which Is technically best approach?

System have 1000+ companies and each company have 100+ employees. I can go with single DB with proper indexing but I am not sure about performance. So, Can anyone guide me to which database I have to prefer.

Artha Nugraha Jonar replied 7 months ago

Hi, i have same question with you. Are you already get any solution?


Bhavdip replied 7 months ago

Yes. Using one single DB for SAAS system.

Steve Johnsen replied 6 months ago

From what you described, it sounds like you'll want a single master database. The performance will not suffer from having 1000 companies x 100 employees on there. But, if you had 1000 different databases to manage, THAT would be a major headache!

Kosha Shah replied 5 months ago

Using single DB for SAAS system is good to go for.

alicetaylor replied 5 months ago

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unfair mario

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