GameQ v3 Integration to Laravel 5.4

Hello everyone. Can anyone help me how to integrate gameq v3 to laravel like a library. I have installed it with composer require austinb/gameq:~3.0 but i can't add it to the providers or Has anyone idea how to integrate it. Thanks everyone for replying.

ahmedash95 replied 1 year ago

Maybe you should try

$GameQ = new \GameQ\GameQ();
    'type' => 'css',
    'host' => '',
$results = $GameQ->process();

here is a full package , there is no laravel service provider so you need to create a service provider by your self.

Ergi Ymeri replied 1 year ago

Thanks for replying @ahmedash95 but i want that to add as a provider like enter image description here

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