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posted 4 weeks ago

To ensure that only one health report is made per day for each patient, you can implement a system that checks if a report has already been created for the current day before allowing a new one to be made. Here are some steps and sample code to help you achieve this:


  1. Database Design:

    • Create a table for storing patient health reports with columns like patient_id, report_date, and report_data.
  2. Check Existing Record:

    • Before inserting a new report, check if a report already exists for the given patient on the current date.
  3. Insert Record:

    • If no record exists for the current date, insert the new report.

Sample Code

Here's an example using SQL and Python (assuming you are using a SQL database and a Python backend):

Database Table (SQL)

CREATE TABLE patient_health_reports (
    patient_id INT NOT NULL,
    report_date DATE NOT NULL,
    report_data TEXT,
    UNIQUE (patient_id, report_date)

Python Code

import sqlite3
from datetime import datetime

# Connect to the database
conn = sqlite3.connect('health_reports.db')
cursor = conn.cursor()

# Function to add a health report
def add_health_report(patient_id, report_data):
    today_date =
    cursor.execute("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM patient_health_reports WHERE patient_id = ? AND report_date = ?", (patient_id, today_date))
    record_exists = cursor.fetchone()[0]

    if record_exists:
        print("A report for today already exists for this patient.")
        return False
        cursor.execute("INSERT INTO patient_health_reports (patient_id, report_date, report_data) VALUES (?, ?, ?)", (patient_id, today_date, report_data))
        print("Health report added successfully.")
        return True

# Example usage
patient_id = 1
report_data = "Patient is feeling good today."
add_health_report(patient_id, report_data)

# Close the connection


  1. Database Table: The patient_health_reports table has a unique constraint on the combination of patient_id and report_date to ensure no duplicate reports for the same patient on the same day.

  2. Function to Add Report:

    • The function add_health_report checks if a report already exists for the given patient on the current date.
    • If a report exists, it prints a message and returns False.
    • If no report exists, it inserts a new report and returns True.

This approach ensures that only one health report can be made per day for each patient. You can adjust the code to fit your specific database and application requirements.


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