Laravel Form Post issue 419 from AWS ES hosting subdomain


I have used AWS server and Laravel 5.5. So main domain point to main ec2 instance, and sub domain pointing to sub ec2 instances.

I have Project that require to manage and multiple subdomain and main domain. i.e Main Domain is and others are, etc.

In Subdomain I have a single file, and put it one line as include to main domain main file url. But When I do Form Post from subdomain, it gives me error 419 (token mismatch error).I have tried many things. tokenmismatch error solution (included token inside form).

Please check below image that is in subdomain :


Enable Error Reporting and Display:

error_reporting(~0); ini_set('display_errors', 1); $url = ''; include($url); ?>

Can any one help me out?

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