laravel new [project] symfony issue.

Using the "laravel new [project]" in my GitBash used to work. Now i'm getting 12 Problems from Symfony eg.:

Problem 1 - Installation request for symfony/console v3.3.10 -> satisfiable by symfony/console[v3.3.10]. - symfony/console v3.3.10 requires php ^5.5.9|>=7.0.8 -> your PHP version (7.0.0) does not satisfy that requirement.

As you can see i'm using PHP 7.0.0 on WAMP. Even when I set my version to 5.6.16 I still get an error. According to the above error my PHP version should be fine?

I used Composer to create my project which worked so it's gotta be something specific to "laravel new". Anyone have an idea as I can't find anything on Google.

Ricus replied 9 months ago

In the error it states it requires php version 7.0.8 or higher, and you are running 7.0.0

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