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I don't know what a hotsite is, but yes, you are correct. When you place a dot in front of your domain for the SESSION_DOMAIN value, the cookies will be available for every subdomain of that domain. If you remove the dot, the cookies will only be available for your main domain or if you specify another domain, they will only be available there.

If you want to separate the sessions for each domain, then cookie based session auth is probably not what you are looking for and the API token based auth would be more of a fit for you. Then you have two separate systems with different sessions for each of them.

I wish you a great day!

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Hi Tom,

Thanks you very much for the reply, when i say hotsite i mean a marketing campaign site, like a promotional site 😁.

Even if they're separate projects with different app_keys and different sessions drivers (the hotsite uses file based sessions and the api uses database based sessions) they would share sessions?

I took a look into it the past days and i learnt that for a session to be shared it must reside in the same location (same filesystem or same database connnection for example) and should be using the same app_key, so it would encrypt and decrypt using that same key (that i'm not so sure, that would be true if laravel uses the app_key to encrypt/decrypt the app key) so separate projects can read the same session.

For example, lets say we have two laravel projects in the way i described above, one promotional site running a laravel project on the domain that uses a file based session driver and one API running a laravel project on the subdomain that uses sanctum and uses database session driver to authenticate first party spa's using cookie based auth (as seen here.

With that, wen we access the promotional site, we got some response set_cookie headers regarding our session and csrf cookies, and thats ok, now, if we go into the spa (that resides on, in which is the only configured sanctum stateful domain, oh, and its a vue based frontend) and try to reuse the values from the cookies from the promotional site, it doesnt find the session, because theoretically the session is stored in another place (in the promotional site project storage) and the decrypted value would never be the same because the projects doenst share the same app_key.

Of course, all of that can be really wrong, and in that case i think we must add that information in the laravel documentation to prevent people from using sanctum cookie based auth in environments that uses different projects in the same root domain.

The only solution i can find (other than using tokens to authenticate a spa app) is to run the promotional site in other domain.

Thanks for your time.


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