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hello @knowram

It seems like you are experiencing timeouts due to the long response times of the REST APIs you're working with. Laravel could indeed help you manage these issues better. Laravel has built-in functions to handle queue jobs, which can be very useful for time-consuming tasks. You can dispatch jobs that take a long time to complete and Laravel will handle them in the background, avoiding script timeouts.

Additionally, Laravel's Eloquent ORM can significantly streamline data operations, and its caching system can help reduce the load on the APIs by storing frequently accessed data. If your timeouts are due to heavy data processing, consider using Laravel's job batching, which allows you to group jobs for more efficient processing.

Before jumping into Laravel, you might also want to look into increasing your API timeout settings or optimizing your existing code to handle the data more efficiently. Sometimes, restructuring database queries or caching results can alleviate the load.

I hope this helps and wish you the best with your development!

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