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Laravel G-suite authentication

I have successfully implemented an auth system using Breeze in my application, and it's working perf...

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API for Creating the address of USDT TRC20 for exchange

is there any API for generating the address for USDT TRC20 exchange from EURO i have used this :- co...

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posted 1 week ago

Postman Not sending form-data (response)

In response to a question from developer @ahhmarr, which may be from other developers: https://larav...

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CURL request in Laravel not returning response

I'm a novice of Laravel. I'm trying to make a CURL request to another endpoint in my Laravel applica...

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Session not displaying correctly in Laravel 10 after AJAX

I'm developing a web application using the Laravel framework. I'm using the Laravel session system i...

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Route [] not defined.

Hi, can anyone help me, I found an error after uploading the addons update for manual deposit on my...

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posted 1 month ago

Issue with Airports Database API - Seeking Solution

Problem Description: I am currently encountering an issue with the Airports Database API and am seek...

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Laravel 8 based CMS

Hi! Let me show you my project that I'm working on a while. It's a content management system created...

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Laravel Streaming Rooms

I would like to create an application in Laravel in which users can broadcast live events through th...

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Trying to get property 'charge' of non-object

Hello everyone, Please Kindly note I'm getting this error "Trying to get property 'charge' of n...

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How to generate unique invite link for specific user on TG

How I can generate unique telegram invite link for specific user for telegram group or channel using...

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Catch errors for "vonage-notification-channel"

I'm trying to send a verification code to an unverified number for the demo test environment, on the...

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Laravel 5+ with vue js-Front end vue js and back end laravel

{ "private": true, "scripts": { "dev": "npm run development"...

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laravel stripe simple checkout page

I create an eCommerce store with laravel 9. I install stripe API, but I have some difficulty display...

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Fething API error when using unique and some password method

I am validating the API register process on FormRequest class. These are my rules: public function r...

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Server is sending parameters to the URL

Server team confirmed the parameters sent by server to the url: "Dec 12 16:41:54 x1 wcron: [-]...

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Laravel single chat, group chat ,video call and voice callla

We need laravel chat module some things like WhatsApp where you can group chat, single chat, video c...

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Access to Codat API

How do i get access to the laravel-codat api?

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Montonio finance Api

Does somebody make integration laravel and Montonio. Can you share with your experience?

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custom domain use for users in a sinle project

How to use custom domains in Laravel? How to give different domains to different users in a project?...

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