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What projects have you been working on lately? Are you interested in open source work? You could have a look at your favorite Laravel package repositories and see if there are open issues you could help out with.

Otherwise you could look around different social media platforms and see what problems people are having and try to find a solution for it and create your own products out of those solutions.


Well, Actually I have been working mostly on eCommerce websites and admin panels. That's a great idea to work on some open-source projects. Btw would you recommend any other framework like Nuxt.js or any testing library???. I previously don't have any experience with testing. Will it help me in my career? As far as I have seen I had never used the testing library anywhere???



Sure, Nuxt.JS is a good idea IMHO. For testing frameworks in the Javascript area, have a look at Jest and They should cover most of your testing needs. In the Laravel area, have a look at PHPunit or if you want to have it easier, Pest could be a good way to go.

For opensource, is also looking for contributors for the issues listed here: (Issues where you could help are marked with help wanted).


Okay thank you very much.


GraphQl / Web3 integration /

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there is no end to technology and framework. more you will learn more you will realize that there are much more things to be implemented. by 1 year of industrial exposer, anyone will consider your profile as an entry-level candidate. so I would suggest you look into that thing which will be enhancing the skillset. interestingly, one web developer's hourly cost is get counted from $10 to $100 based on the experience and execution capacities/deliverables. but no industry (specifically in India) would be ready to pay for that. so keep enhancing your knowledge with other frameworks also and enhance your laravel skills according to the market needs. for 1-year exp candidates most recruiting panels will ask some ajax / Axios related questions, rendering-related questions, some APIs and project vulnerability-related questions, etc. its true life is short but you don't need whole stuff to place during interviews. most precisely your aim will be just clearing the interviews not the whole full-stack knowledge. if you have already worked in other technologies and already holding valid exp into those areas also then you mustn't worry at all, because they may ask few questions from prior experience too.



@cadentic Thank you soo much for your reply. I have knowledge of other technologies like node.js Adonis.js, express.js, nest.js. On the frontend side with all big three The react, angular, and vue.js. Although didn't work on projects in adonis.js, nest.js, and react. I also have some intermediate-level knowledge of Next.js and Nuxt.js. But again don't have any experience of projects in them.


@musawershah1598, believe me, it's true based on article 15 (Indian law of fundamental rights of a citizen of India ) you have the right to choose and, you can learn laravel as a hobbyist and develop a new app for earning some commission during some transactions happen with your app or you can pursue finding new jobs out there with your existing knowledge and exposer.

thx for understanding me


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