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Localized Routes in Laravel Breeze (Vue)

I am trying to have localized routes where the routes have the following pattern:

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Cannot access into laravel telescope dashboard

I have a laravel application where i am also using vue js. Can i use laravel's debug tool such as te...

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How can I submit array with object inside to Controller

Hi :)) I am not able to submit array with object inside. All I am seeing is [object Object],[object...

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Get Laravel validation errors from Vue component using Ajax

Hi I am able to get all validations errors from Laravel ProductController when submitting my Vue cre...

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redirect isn't returning the correct URL for my subdomain

I'm working on a Larave, Inertiajs and Vue project where I want every product to open on a route lik...

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Laravel Dompdf Displays generate PDF with Axios

Laravel Dompdf Displays Error when trying to generate PDF with AXIOS.lal I am using https://github.c...

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Import data from a spreadsheet to your Laravel app

Hi, Often, almost of web applications, need to have data import functionality that allow users to im...

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New Laravel Developer Needing Basic Understanding

Hello Artisans, I'm trying to create a simple app to learn Laravel with VueJS. I created a JetStream...

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Need Career advice in Laravel and Vue.js

Hi everyone. I have been working in Laravel and Vue.js for around 1 year and had enjoyed the journey...

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looking for docker with vuejs and laravel latest

hey I tried earlier to set up laravel with oracle automated database in the cloud but it did not wor...

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Laravel Vuelara

Hello Seniors ! Hope you're doing well all, I'm new here in laravel and vue and suggest me how can i...

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Export paginated data with html2pdf package in Laravel

Hi, I am using Laravel 8 and inertia js (based on vue js 2). My goal is to export all data to PDF ....

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Laravel Sanctum Api Tokens With Vue Header Error

I'm trying to authenticate my api route with sanctum while using vue.js but I'm getting a headers er...

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Vue template cant access data from component

I'm unable to render any data from my Vue component, to my form slot. The component does get rendere...

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Reveiw/feedback request on my Laravel article

Hello, I am new here and also a beginner-level Laravel developer. I want to write about Laravel as I...

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Trello clone

I have a project like trello with vue js and laravel, I want to understand in this case do I need a...

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Laravel app with Nuxt client with subdomains

I'm creation a course platform with laravel as an API for a NUXT app, these two are in different r...

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web dev - laravel 7.3 not displaying inertia page

I have created a new laravel project in a fresh public_html dir on my work's server using composer c...

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Use InertiaJS for Mobile

Hi. I’d like to know if there is a way to use CapacitorJS or similar technology for a laravel inerti...

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