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I really did not see any of your code, but as I understood: try to flash the data from one view to the other with get as:

/* array $data with the keys and values after the first validation */

I hope this give you a idea


Am getting this error Call to undefined function App\Http\Controllers\flash()



I am sorry I forgot about the facade method

Now should work, and be aware that this value only lives for one request,

And I don't exact what you are doing, but look at old() laravel documentation. You might inside your input to preserve the value after a validation fail,

<input type="text" value="{{old($form->value)}}" for="field_name">

@Lucas Oliveira

Thank you for your support. I believe you misunderstood me.

Here is my route.

Route::get('add-job', ['as' => 'add.job', 'uses' => 'HomeController@addJob');
Route::post('add-job', ['as' => 'store.job', 'uses' => 'HomeController@storeJob');

And inside my ``` HomeController@storeJob

I want to return a view after the form is validated thus when no data errors and data saved into database.

But after my validation check. I did 

return view('user.manage-job');

This works. but when you press F5 on the keyboard or refresh button is press them form submits again. 

To solve this issue i have to use ```
redirect() method.

I don't want to use ``` redirect->route('user.manage.route');

I want the url to maintain as > add.job

I hope you understand now

Hey thanks for sharing information


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