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Last updated 1 year ago.

First of all, before posting any thread please see the preview of the thread, as it's hard to find the problem. Solution: You need to eager load the relationship and get the data from the relationship attribute and not the id.

$rapports = Rapport::with('Rapport')->all();

and in your view you can access it like


One more suggestion that i want to give you is that, you should inverse the names of the relationship functions.


Thank you. I will try. where should I put this code you wrote

$rapports = Rapport::with('Rapport')->all();

Last updated by @maccladder 2 years ago.

i did and now i have this error

Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder::all()


try to use get() method instead of all()


Here is the error i get now with the get() method

ErrorException Attempt to read property "nom" on null (View: C:\wamp64\www\SET\resources\views\rapport\index.blade.php)


You have to define a custom value if the relationship id is not found on the target model like:

return $this->belongsTo(Agent::class)->withDefault([

Hope your code works now :)


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