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Last updated 2 years ago.

What do you expect or why do you think it's not possible? If Capacitor or other can display web views, then it should surely work.


Because it's server side rendered. Capacitor syncs built files to the native folders AFAIK. If anyone knows better I'd love to hear your opinion.


No, Inertia is not server side rendered. It's a single page application, a hybrid if you wanna consider it being hosted by laravel. Something like phonegap should totally be able to wrap it in a native app.


Oh wow. Is there any way you could point me to some resources about this? After about half an hour of hunting, I can't find one thing. Capacitor and Cordova both require one main thing; a compiled index.html with a <head> in it. Where can I find this, is there some step?


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