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How to get mysql connection (thread) id using Larvavel 5.6?

How to get MySql connection id when user login into your web/system? In MySQL you can directly query...

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How to destroy users' session or logout user?

Question: How to destroy users' session or logout user when the user closed the browser? There are s...

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How to logout specific user in Laravel 5.6?

Hello, What is the best way to logout specific user in Laravel? Auth::logout() will just logout th...

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replied 5 years ago

How to Filter Fields Record Same With Current Date

SELECT DISTINCT, aa.id_user, aa.id_outlet, aa.array_tanggal as plan_date FROM visit_plan_...

replied 5 years ago

laravel raw sql

You can used DB:Select('your query here')... for Laravel Join please refer to this link.https://lara...


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