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posted 8 years ago

is laravel support illuminati?

laravel core is called illuminate is that mean laravel supports illuminati?

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posted 8 years ago

how to pass two parameter to the url in laravel?

how can I pass two parameter to here URL::route('account-recover',$code) instead of just $code I wan...

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about Authentication in laravel

In laravel for login attempt I generally use something like this if (Auth::attempt(array('email' =&g...

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what is before and after filter in laravel in route and controller

what is before and after filter in laravel, I have read the documentation but I didn't understand it...

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can't delete laravel project

when I try to delete laravel folder from htdocs it says that "the action can't be completed bec...

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replied 8 years ago

why laravel documentation is too bad?

yes I have seen the API but I don't understand it


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