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Populating a column from database into select2 via jquery

I'm trying to populate tags from the database into a select2 field. The data is returned in the insp...

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Laravel Undefined variable when passing variable

Beginner question : I'm passing the $wordsRow variable from the WordsController to the results2 blad...

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storing data in laravel

I'm trying to store the following incoming data into the DB, and it is successfully stored except on...

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syntax to check a value in a if statement

Is the below if statement correct, where newQ and newP are values, and post_type is a variable :...

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need to check a specific value selected by the user in a radio button

I have a very newbie question in Laravel. In the controller I want to create something like : if ($Q...

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5 years ago

syntax to check a value in a if statement

I recieved this error : ErrorException in helpers.php line 747: preg_replace(): Parameter mismatch,...


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