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Laravel Policies - How to Pass Multiple Arguments to function

I'm looking for a way to pass more than just one variable to the policy function. According to the d...

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How to design server side as well as client side rendering?

I'm currently working on a project and ran into a problem regarding rendering. Basically, I want to...

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Laravel + WebSocket(RatchetPHP) + API Routes + Authentication

In my Websocket application I wanted to dispatch the requests to my API, which is protected by the A...

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posted 8 years ago

Flash data in middleware

Is it possible to call the closure and pass data to the new location? Something like this: public fu...

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posted 8 years ago

Laravel 5 - Eloquent Models Inheritance (Accessing columns from abstract parent class in derived classes)

Hello. I'm working on a little project and ran across a problem. (See the ERD for the design). I wan...

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