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posted 4 years ago

Cache slave master

Does anybody know a way to extend the default cache class to that on insert/update it would use one...

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Remove html tags white spaces

Hello, I don't know if anybody else asked in the past, please link to thread if so, could somebody r...

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asset() helper absolute path security risk

Hello, Receantly i've started working on a new project and the company security department said that...

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replied 1 year ago

Passing value from Blade to function in your route('', ['custom...

replied 1 year ago

Laravel Eloquent , Pivot Table

If your pivot has a primary key (id) you can make a model for the pivot table and have a relation fr...

replied 1 year ago

Laravel eloquent Problem to access relationship

First check your FK are correct between models and that the return relation is not inverted. Second,...

replied 1 year ago

PDF: fill exists pdf-files

i had a similar problem, i had to make a css class and put it before i need to start a new page .pag...

replied 1 year ago

pictures in production

Check your assets url, you might have https in your apache/nginx config but the assets are being ser...


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