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Laravel does not read config auth

I have a really wired problem where Laravel does not seem to read my auth config file, but instead d...

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EloquentUserProvider does not seem to honor setting for config/auth User model

I've change the location of my User model, updated the namespace accordingly and updated config/auth...

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posted 7 years ago

Laravel Elixir this.registerWatcher fails in elixir.extend

I had some trouble with Elixir SASS not working (failing silently) and thought I'd try reinstalling...

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Laravel 5 auth in Codeception functional test does not work

I'm having trouble with function tests and auth: Laravel is used as a RESTfull backend. The service...

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Url rewriting appends domain name and fails

I'm having problems with Laravel 4.2, it is set up to work on a subfolder like this

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replied 8 years ago

Url rewriting appends domain name and fails

Nevermind, it was in fact a server config problem :)


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