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Google reCaptcha always resetting with laravel 5.1

I've searched about it on internet but it seems to be different. I'm using laravel5.1 and implemente...

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Laravel — Loop all data from multiple tables

good day. I have researched about it, but nothings matched with my problem. Here's the scenario. I h...

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How to convert my variable to its real value?

Hi guys. How can I convert my {{ $user_count }} as its real value (e.g. 543) and return it in the vi...

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Ajax And Laravel 4.2 with DataTables

Hi guys, I just want to ask how to use Ajax in Laravel 4.2, because everytime I used simple Ajax and...

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5 years ago

Foreign key not saving in migration

alanmanderson said: I didn't want the field to be nullable, but I wanted to be able to add the row...


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