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Hi @carbonnanotubes,

You have specified the incorrect arguments to the hasOneThrough() function.

As per the docs "The third argument is the name of the foreign key on the intermediate model. The fourth argument is the name of the foreign key on the final model. The fifth argument is the local key, while the sixth argument is the local key of the intermediate model".


Thanks @faisal for your reply

maybe hasManyThrough is not the way I should be getting the part that is related to the job. I'm not able to follow the conventions due to the tables I need to work with that I cannot change. SF_JOB does not have any reference to the ActiveJob Model.

Even if I try to eager load the part from the job model it returns null

App\Models\ActiveJob::query()->with('model', 'model.part')->first();

=> App\Models\ActiveJob {#5627
     session_id: "941",
     job: "1824660505",
     machine: "",
     last_updated: "",
     production_quantity: "",
     scrap_quantity: ""
     machine_status: "",
     model: App\Models\Job {#5637
       JOB: "1824660505",
       LOT: "1824660505",
       SEQ: "1",
       WC: "",
       ORD_QTY: "1100",
       ITEM: "",
       PCS_HOUR: "",
       MFG_CLOSE_DATE: null,
       START_DATE: "2022-10-05 07:30:00.000",
       DUE_DATE: "2022-10-06 00:00:00.000",
       REL_DATE: "2022-10-04 14:11:16.000",
       COMPLETE_QTY: ".0000",
       WO_NUM: "",
       WO_LINE: "",
       POST_DATE: "2022-10-04 14:12:01.843",
       CREW_SIZE: "1",
       SHIFT: " ",
       END_DATE: "2022-10-05 19:36:00.000",
       CUSTOMER: "",
       COMMENTS: null,
       part: null,
App\Models\ActiveJob::query()->with('model', 'model.part')->first()->model->part;

// returns null


//returns the correct model
Last updated 1 year ago.

If you know how to rewrite the hasOneThrough relationship using this extra context of a graphical representation of the db relationships. I'm open to this as well


I figured out the hasOneThrough Relationship

public function part()
    return $this->hasOneThrough(Item::class, Job::class, 'JOB', 'ITEM', 'job', 'ITEM');
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