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Marcello Pato

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VueJS 2 to VueJS 3 and Vite on Laravel 9

Looks like VueJS 3 uses a different syntax than VueJS 2. Let's see some code: #Here is the blade fil...

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posted 4 months ago

What happended to `new Vue({` in Vue 3?

In Vue 2 you could add some Vue instructions at the @section('scripts') of a blade file using new Vu...

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replied 4 months ago

VueJS 2 to VueJS 3 and Vite on Laravel 9

Thanks for your answer @shapid503, but what is your conclusion, please?

replied 4 months ago

Vue warn]: Failed to mount app: mount target selector "#app"

Looks like VueJS 3 needs this: createApp({ components: { //some components separeted by coma...


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