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Test a command is queued

I have a command, which uses the queue method on the Artisan facade. Using the Bus/Queue fakers in a...

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posted 5 years ago

Order relationship by the relations related property

I have a model called Card which has many Printings which has an Expansion. How do I run get the pri...

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stateless twitter login with laravel/lumen/socialite

I want to create social based logins for my api In the "docs" <_< it says you can us...

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Sub request in Laravel 5

I'm looking to do sub requests in my API, to other parts of my API. I have done this before in Symfo...

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stop/modify mail sent logging

I cant track down the event in the framework, which is logging mails sent (via mailgun api). It is d...

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replied 7 years ago

Lots of MySQL processes on Forge & Laravel App

Just bumping this, as still makes me wounder...


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