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Dynamic repositories

Hello, I have a lot of repetitive repository classes, like: class UserRepository extends Repository...

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Structuring Application for intensive facebook graph api request

Hi all, I am new to laravel framework so this might be very basic question to ask. Application Backg...

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Increase Laravel Performance

I'm thinking about how it would be increase performance if we keep IoC container in Redis Cache Duri...

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How to Use/Start Laravel Services in "ConfigureLogging" Overridden File?

I have to create separate log files for the companies Laravel 5. I have already done this in Laravel...

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Custom Validator Error

Hi Guys, I'm trying to centralize validation rules. I want to re use it every time i validate a form...

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Package middleware group register

Hello, how can I register middlewareGroup middlewares in my package? Because I don't want to registe...

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7 years ago

Dynamic class and dependency injection question: Argument 1 passed... blah blah

I've read the docs, all sorts of web pages, and every kind of answer/question I could find but still...

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Multiple Events for One Listener

Is it possible to listen for different events with the same listener? Assuming the events were ident...

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How can I specify the order of the middleware?

I have an additional middleware registered as "admin" which checks if the user is admin. p...

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Intermediate page after submitting form but before saving model

I am trying to add essentially a "confirmation" (or "place order/go back") page...

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Cache option for Facades

Use Case When the facade resolves a class (with the help of a service provider) whose properties are...

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Laravel Repositories and Eloquent ORM.

Hello, so I'm writing an application and until now I was working with Accessors, Mutators and Query...

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ServiceProvider boot() please!!!

Hi guys, can you explain me one thing? in which case the boot() method in a service provider is call...

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Multi-tenant application approach

I'm trying to build a multi-tenant application with Laravel 5. I'm aware of already existing package...

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Checking whether a IOC container is defined or not

Hi, In my code I am defining an IOC container like App::instance('myapp.value', $value); In other...

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Laravel 5.1 (LTS) Repository Class not found

Hello Like in the title, my repository class can't be found. My code: My...

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Injecting Object into Controller using app->resolving

Hi, I have a question regarding resolving objects in the AppServiceProvider. Somewhere in my code (m...

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Dynamic Reports Generation in laravel

I'm trying to develop a custom reports generation for my application, in which the user will dynamic...

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Concrete classes stored in DB

Hey Laravellers. I'll get straight to the point: I currently have a inherited a project whereby I ha...

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Can I automate the laravel installation process?

Is there a way I can install Laravel with a custom script or another Laravel iteself? How can I run...

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