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How to slow down SQL execution rate in background job.

Hi, We have a Laravel job which uses Eloquent to generate formated data for caching. The job hits th...

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Lumen job queue - ShouldBeUnique allows duplicate jobs?

Hi all - I'm very new to Lumen so apologies if this is a bit of a boneheaded enquiry. I'm using Lume...

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How can I graceful shutdown queues in Laravel 8?

Reading through the articles by Mohamed Said, I found that a new feature added to laravel v8 to use...

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.env changes not updating queued workers

I'm at my wits end, I inherited a Laravel 5.6 app and I had to update the email password today. I've...

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How do I use unlessBetween twice for command scheduling?

Is this correct or should I do sth else? $schedule->command(Commands\ProductsIntegration::class)...

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Laravel Schedule running twice using supervisor

Laravel Framework 8.11.2 PHP Version: PHP 7.4.11 Database Driver & Version: MySql 5.7 Descript...

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which is the best way for scraping data in laravel

I'm working on a laravel api, which is used for an android application. I want to instantly scrape d...

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Horizon pending, completed and failed jobs are always empty

Hi there, After update Laravel from 6 to 7 the jobs list are always empty. I've looked around forums...

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App/Job multiple same job instances without overlapping

Hi guys. I am scheduling a queued job and something is amiss with the documentation(or maybe i cant...

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Queued job timeout not working after upgrade to Laravel 6

I have a scheduled command that dispatches several jobs onto the queue, each which takes about 10 mi...

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41 Laravel Interview Questions and Answers for you

Hi guys, I've just created a list of Laravel Interview Questions we going to use for our interview p...

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Queues with "custom" priority

Hi! I have some questions regarding queues... if I have 4 queues: [high, medium, low, default] and I...

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Laravel developers looking for permanent job look here

If anyone interested for a Laravel developer position please drop me a message. The candidate must h...

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Hiring Senior Backend Engineer

Pangaea Holdings is hiring for a senior backend engineer, find out more and apply at: https://angel....

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Should i leave F*cking php ? Its ruining my life!!

Hi all , let me tell you my story. I was once upon a time a smart student, I used to stay 2nd ranker...

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Finding remote PHP/Laravel developer job

Hi all, I built - an aggregator listing the 100% remote jobs for Larav...

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Help on an old dev in Laravel 3 to be transposed in Laravel

Hello, For the engine/server part of a free virtual reality/opensource environment that can run on W...

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Test a command is queued

I have a command, which uses the queue method on the Artisan facade. Using the Bus/Queue fakers in a...

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What PHP IDE are you using for Laravel??

I tried many PHP IDE for my work And now, I always use Laravel Framework. I used PHPStorm Many Mem...

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PHP Developer, Netherlands (jnr/mdr/snr)

Tilaa, the European Business Cloud Provider, is hiring new PHP Developers in Woerden, The Netherland...

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