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Dependent Drop down with Laravel Livewire

I am trying to create a dropdown list with Laravel Lirewire, where I can choose a client then it dis...

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Installing localization files in Laravel v10.13.2 (PHP v8.2)

I am trying to install some lang files (localizations) into a relatively new Laravel app using the v...

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How to use TinyMCE Laravel Nova with upload images

why Murdercode\TinymceEditor\TinymceEditor not found? And How to install / config TinyMCE in Laravel...

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bulma and laravel 10

hello, i look how to install bulma in place of bootstrap in laravel 10 but i don't find any info, or...

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cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local

I uploaded some files to my laravel project on the server, it gave some target class errors and trie...

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Verification Email Not Being Sent to User After Registration

Hello Community, I'm currently facing an issue where the verification email is not being sent to use...

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posted 5 months ago

Problem displaying avatars

I'm pretty new to using Laravel and I'm experiencing an issue when developing my application; I'm no...

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posted 6 months ago

laravel/ui v2.0.0 requires php ^7.2.5 -> your php version (8

I inherited a laravel app. When I run composer install I get 4 errors the first being laravel/ui v2....

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Simplest way to create new page directly in front-end

I want to have a function that lets admin create new page with routes and everything without hard co...

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Delete button wont work

I have a delete button and edit buttons in list view the edit button works very well with me but whe...

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Loading a .env file from a different location

Like the subject says, I'm trying to load an .env file from another location. In a nutshell I'm moun...

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Application setup best-practice

Hey everyone, For everything I'm asking below it's important to keep in mind that I'm intending my a...

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Laravel project on virtual host does not work

I have created a virtual site, by and in IspConfig I use an additio...

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How can I set a custom schema in the SQL Server?

In the database settings in Laravel, we can choose a custom schema for the PostgreSQL database by sp...

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Issue with code read information

Hello i'm having issue with my code Correctly in my admin cp>package>gold package> for uplo...

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Trouble with openssl_cipher_iv_length()

I'm running on Lubuntu 22.04 and PHP 8.1. When I first start up my server, with 'php artisan serve...

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I can't find POST requests to API on Request tab of telescope. but I see GET requests. What can I do...

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Convert php site into Laravel Project

Hello everyone, I'm new to Laravel. I have a project built using php, php classes, css, javascript....

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Serving multiple APIs with one Lumen installation

We have a requirement to serve multiple APIs with one Lumen installation. Basically, we are going to...

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Command mysql not found - Cypress Laracasts

I've implemented laracasts/cypress into our application and I've also used php artisan schema:dump -...

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