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Hi im pretty new to laravel so hope you dont mind for my lack of knowledge. here is my code ive crea...

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posted 4 months ago

i need help in laravel

please if u have a user table, and employee table and a payment table .the payment table contains th...

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Laravel Register Two type of user

Hello guys currently learning laravel can you help. Can provide me a Registration code that has two...

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Best practice laravel

What is the best practice in Laravel between using the id column by default or changing it by id_nam...

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filter data from multiple tables laravel

how to search query request data from multiple tables in laravel

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Laravel form submission

i am facing issue when i register new employee "Illuminate\Database\Grammar::parameterize(): Ar...

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Polymorphic relationships and resources

Hello I'm not sure how to form this question but I think it boils down to this: I don't know how res...

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How do I get the replies for each comment?

I have made a blogging application in Laravel 8. I am working on the functionality of adding comment...

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Need to define condition if/else via model

If we use basic select like: Products::paginate(6); it return us:-> [ id: 1, product name: 'test'...

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Query Builder Sql timeout

Hi, I have one big problem with query. I have a SQL that extracts approximately 20 records from a DB...

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Laravel Eloquent - Repetitive IDs in the IN clause when eage

Environnment OS: Windows 11 - WSL2 (Ubuntu 20.04) PHP: 8.1 Stack: Laravel 9.22 | InertiaJS | Vue3 Da...

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posted 7 months ago

How can I get a model and all of its foreign?

Hello, I have the following models: Member Address (belongs to a member) Phone (belongs to a member...

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Ho can i store associative array value to DB?

$authid = Auth::user()->id; $tblAptServices = $request->except('userName', 'userEmail', 'u...

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Visual data modeling tools?

Hi All, pretty new to Laravel, looks pretty neat so far, but I was wondering if there are any openso...

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posted 7 months ago

Get value of related table

Hi ,sorry for english , i have a table sAdmin related with user table by id_users , in User model i...

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Laravel count 3 tickets per time and display ticket number,

I have already opened a discussion where I received help for some problems I had, now I would like t...

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Boolean Value Not Updating Back To Zero

I am having a weird issue where a boolean value is never updating back to false or 0. Its for an ope...

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Ordering results by pivot table property

Hello, I have been trying to order the results based on a pivot table property but I only got colum...

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posted 9 months ago

Eloquent inner joins

I know that I can run this query and get the results that I want but I'm still learning Laravel and...

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Laravel Cancel Option for an existing booking la

I need help adding Cancel Option for an existing booking, I have $service, booking_code, min_before_...

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