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Collection.php in line 11 poblem, cannot run php artisan ser

Hi Guys. I have a problem with running my laravel app. When I try cmd "php artisan serve"...

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posted 1 year ago

Redis with TaggedCache & Prefix throws unserialize error

We are serving multiple tenants with a laravel application, switching between tenants with: config([...

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Calling the View on the Routes vs Controller

I want to know what are the differences between using Routes and Controller? Is there a major differ...

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posted 1 year ago

Memcached: persistent-connection does not work with options

Laravel Version: 8.x PHP Version: 7.x Database Driver & Version: php-memcached (https://github....

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Will the old cache data be deleted automatically?

Hello. I refer to this URL ( to cache the data in fi...

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condition route mapping caching routes

Hi, I have a application in which i have mapped route with controller on some condition For eg. if (...

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error 404 notpound

this my error return $this->getRouteForMethods($request, $others);} throw new NotFoundHttpExcepti...

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Larevel get cache key using regex or like operator.

Hello All i want to get laravel redish catch key using regex or like key operator . I have tried eve...

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Can someone tell me requiremetns of this questions?

Create an API with the following endpoints to create a key-value store. The purpose of the API is to...

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Trying to implement multi tenancy (DB)

Hello Folks, My dev and I are trying to implement (DB) multi tenancy in a CRM and we are having issu...

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avoiding cache slams

hey guys! how do I avoid cache slams (

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php artisan serve works but page keeps reloading

I installed fresh laravel 5.8.35, and run the following commands install npm php artisan make:auth...

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posted 3 years ago

PHP tag appears before Configuration cache cleared!

Hello , I have a problem when I run php artisan config:cache , this returns me : $ php artisan conf...

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Thoughts on my first composer package for Laravel

Hi Guys, As this is my first (public) composer package for Laravel I thought I'd put my balls on the...

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Cache file with laravel version 5.8 works randomly

Laravel Version: 5.8.11 PHP Version: 7.2 Database Driver & Version: Mysql 8 Description: We re...

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Since updating to Laravel 5.6.8 my Mysql Database is being wiped out. MY phpunit.xml <?xml versio...

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posted 4 years ago

Cache slave master

Does anybody know a way to extend the default cache class to that on insert/update it would use one...

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Adding Cache wrapper for model

I am fairly new to Laravel and I have been trying to find the best way to create a cache wrapper for...

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Implement phpredis correctly as a session driver. | Question

How to implement phpredis correctly as a session driver in PHP.ini and work well in laravel in apply...

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Réplications de base donnée en laravel

Comment mettre en place ce système ? alimenter une base distante et locale tout en synchronisant les...

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