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canvas.toDataURL(); returns black

It's a simple set up: #canvas { display: block; background-color: blue; } <canvas id="canv...

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Jquery is not getting installed with npm in Laravel

I am trying to install jquery in my laravel project with npm i jquery. then, I run npm run dev. But,...

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Accessing values ​​from a laravel array in javascriptlara

I'm passing an array from laravel to javascript. I am first passing the array to json as follows: @p...

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Mail::Inline Attachments

I'm trying to send an email with laravel. With this function I can send emails and attachments. But...

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Problem with session variable - Laravel and AJAX

I have a system in Laravel, I have used the session variable without any problem, so far. Made an AJ...

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How to find all permutation of a String by allow user input

Hi all dear can anyone help me how to find all permutation of a String by allow user input text or n...

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web dev - laravel 7.3 not displaying inertia page

I have created a new laravel project in a fresh public_html dir on my work's server using composer c...

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Use InertiaJS for Mobile

Hi. I’d like to know if there is a way to use CapacitorJS or similar technology for a laravel inerti...

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