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posted 2 days ago

channels doesnt work [Laravel]

I'm having trouble understanding something about the channels in my code. Here's what I have: `funct...

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Target class [InscriptionController] does not exist.

I've got this bug : Target class [InscriptionController] does not exist. While this controller do ex...

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Laravel - Email Extracting

Hello everyone! It's my first time here. I need your help. I have a Laravel application (Laravel 8)...

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posted 1 week ago

Work environment windows+php8.2.3+larave10.23.1 I configure

Work environment windows+php8.2.3+larave10.23.1 I configured APP_ENV=local in the. env configuration...

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I am willing to pay for these custom plugins.

Hello I have purchased a laravel restaurant template and I want to implement some custom modules....

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Upload status shows "100%" before the file is uploaded

Hey guys, quick question please, I am using Laravel, Vue, Filepond, AWS S3 - while I upload a file,...

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Hi im pretty new to laravel so hope you dont mind for my lack of knowledge. here is my code ive crea...

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partialMock of Facade does not set the dependencies

See Github issue #48248 for all information Hi all! When writing tests for a rate-limited endpoint...

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posted 4 months ago

Data unserialize Errorphp


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posted 3 weeks ago

Force Laravel to use PhpMailer

Hi all . I have a problem that breaks my head, from a controller I try to use phpmailer to send emai...

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database notification generate id i need to stop this

hello, i'm in use of Database notifications with oracle database, i'm deal with views and procedures...

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posted 1 month ago

Disk [test-s3] does not have not have a configured drivers

Storage::disk('test-s3')->put($fileName, fopen($file_s3, 'rb')); throws error Disk [test-s3] does...

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Help with Laravel 5.4 Web App Migration

Hi everyone, I'm in need of your valuable advice. We are currently working on a Laravel project, and...

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How to store data in different table in filamentphp?

I have a form where I get user email, phone, business name, and business address. Now I want to stor...

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Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: Y

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue with my Laravel application where I’m getting the following error m...

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posted 1 month ago

Laravel : confirmDelete Call to undefined function ...\confi

Good morning, I used SweatAlert for confirmation of my delete button I added on index $title = 'Dele...

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Laravel Register Two type of user

Hello guys currently learning laravel can you help. Can provide me a Registration code that has two...

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posted 1 month ago

confirmDelete Call to undefined function ...\confi

bonjour, j'ai utilisé SweatAlert pour la confirmation de mon bouton delete j'ai ajouté $title = 'Del...

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posted 1 month ago

Trouble Configuring CORS for Laravel API on Different Domain

I'm building a backend API using Laravel for my web application, and I'm running into issues with CO...

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search bar in drop down list

How do I add a search bar in drop down list in Laravel ?

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