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Laravel vs. Ruby on rails

I have been using Laravel as my development platform , recently I did some projects with Rails. The...

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Laravel vs Meteor JS

I used Laravel since v 3. But now i am try on Meteor JS. What do you think?

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Jobs getting picked up and processed by apache mod-php

I have a series of large, long running import jobs that are implemented as laravel jobs. In developm...

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What's the time limit of 'wasRecentlyCreated' attribute?

Has anyone used the 'wasRecentlyCreated' attribute of Eloquent models? I want to know their time lim...

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Best hosting for Laravel.

Hello friends! How are you? I have finished my application, and i am looking for a good hosting to u...

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Separating frontend and backend controllers when using resource controllers

Hi, I recently adopted the resourceful controllers way and Adam Wathan's talk on Laracon US just mad...

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Composite PK for organization, role, permission?

I am trying to implement a DB schema in which I have users that belong to one organization or more,...

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I keep getting this error after updating to laravel/framework (5.1.x-dev c8ade4d) The only supported...

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Controller - Service - Repository architecture

Hi, I am just refactoring my code to follow some common patterns in application development. The pat...

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Sub request in Laravel 5

I'm looking to do sub requests in my API, to other parts of my API. I have done this before in Symfo...

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laravel is slow

Hi, my laravel is very slow. It takes 360ms - 1.5s to load (acoording to the debug bar) The database...

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Audio Streaming with Laravel

I want to stream audio files using laravel as backend. I am going to refer the stream url in android...

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How to use laravel application as both web application and Rest API

I am implementing a laravel web application and I separately implementing native mobile application...

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Structure Suggestions

I'm having difficulty conceptualizing a good way to organize my models, so I'm hoping that maybe som...

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How to link with external css in laravel 5.4 ??

I have trouble in linking with css from public folder I tried with like below but still got ERR_INVA...

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Add or adjust functionality of third party packages

I was wondering what the best practice would be to add or adjust some functionality to installed pac...

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Class App\\Repositories\\Interfaces\\ProductCategoryInterface does not exist

Hi Guys, Am I missin something? I tried to use repository pattern but dont work. Im using laravel 5....

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posted 9 years ago

Laravel response/executon time

Hey, all, I am playing with my laravel app and cheking the execution time. My app is fairly simple a...

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Need An Architectural Design

Hi All, I am Jithin. I had been working on laravel for the past one year. During that time I develop...

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Laravel 5.4 get objects from db and check for user

Hey guys, I'm a laravel newbie and want to create an application to get and answer questions. In my...

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