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Jobs and events

Hi I am new to Laravel and developing a shopping cart project. can some one tell me what would be th...

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8 years ago

[Job] Laravel contractor/freelancer required

I have an opening for a Laravel freelancer/contractor. On site (London, UK) or remote. If remote, mu...

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Reading Job Data

am trying to access job queued data. What should the handle method call to get the queued data? my q...

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Wanted: Seeking Part-Time Senior Back End Laravel Developer (Remote)

YOUR EXPERIENCE: You are a full stack developer with extensive experience using Larevel 4. You know...

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Job that starts over when finished?

What I'm trying to create is a system that reads/parses data from over a dozen external websites. As...

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Unexpected behaviour with laravel 5.1 password reset

I have two laravel 5 apps using one database with two auth tables: users (internal use) and accounts...

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Custom development Laravel - Job Portal

Hi all, As I am unsure where to post this so I am posting it here. Thanks for understanding. I would...

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I`m looking for a job

Hello, my name is Jakub Kratina and I'm from Czech Republic. I work as a freelance for past 7 years,...

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Scheduling Update in Database

Hi, i have a script who take data from a Json, put in Database and Display. I wanna update data if a...

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How to debug why a job failed on Laravel 5.2

I'm trying to dispatch Welcome Email on Laravel 5.2 but the job is failing and I have no idea how to...

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Scheduling Laravel 5.2

Some help whith a recomandation for Scheduling laravel ?tutorial or someting?

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convert string to integer

I convert string in to integer with (int) function But on localhost this work fine but when i upload...

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Laravel listeners to specific queues/tubes only.

Hi, Is it possible in Laravel 5.2 to have two listeners listening to just specific queues only, so f...

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Laravel Developer Payment

Hello, We have some troubles with our developer... Can you please give us some info about the salari...

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Opinions Needed From Experienced Laravel Developers (will only take a minute!)

So here's the situation: The developer is on the higher end of proficient in PHP skills, understands...

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How can I further my career as a PHP developer?

I have been developing for about two years now, and I am still going to a two year college trying to...

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Laravel 5 and Nodejs

Hi! I'm a newbie Laravel. I want to build a trivia simple game online realtime, trivia game has 2 pl...

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PHP/Laravel Developer available for work

I completed my 8+ years experience in Web Development using Laravel 5/ PHP / MySQL technology. I d...

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How can I logs of failed queue jobs into laravel 5.2?

<?php namespace App\Providers; use Queue; use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider; use Illuminat...

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Combining Transactions WITH Queues in Laravel

Is there a way to tell the Queue facade to not automatically persist what was pushed to the queue un...

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