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Laravel Valet site only works with www

Installing Laravel Valet by following these instructions exactly, to a clean Mac M1 base model https...

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Can´t install Valet

Hi After a fresh install of brew and composer, I was not able to install Valet Here is the result. `...

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Valet and Request Entity Too Large

Hello. I have a problem with it. I'm trying to upload a big file (1.5GB) in local and I got the prob...

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Install phpBB on Valet

I am trying to install phpBB on valet and when I goto the install page and click install tab it take...

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I'd like to install thebuggenie.test in my ~/Sites/ directory. It requires URL rewriting, and they p...

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502 Bad Gateway

Hi Folks! I'm using Laravel Valet for the quick preview of my project. But now whenever I'm trying t...

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