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Artisan commands and IoC / reflection / injection etc.

I have created an artisan command that calls on a custom class. My custom class uses reflection to i...

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[Benchmarking] Using your public API internally, too

Hey guys I had some doubts and concerns about using an HMVC approach with Request::create() so I did...

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Best practices for validating user input

Hi, lot of people create sepparate classes for each set of rules and then inject them into the contr...

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General Questions - New to Laravel

Hey guys, Laravel is the first framework I have decided to learn and start working with. I've been a...

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changing the package directory name

Will changing the package directory name in the pubic directory break packages?. If so what is the s...

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Pro-active Caching: Looking For Ideas

I have built a business application using Laravel that utilizes several very large datasets. There i...

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URL::route cannot find defined route

I'm trying to generate URLs on the view for some routes, so I have the freedom to change their URLs...

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Model attribute accessor not working with object_get helper function

The model: class Item extends Eloquent { public function getCentsAttribute() { return substr(...

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