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PHP error when installing Composer on WIndows Vista WAMP set

PHP error when installing Composer on WIndows Vista WAMP setup @error500

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Homestead running, but getting server-down-page

I have a running Homestead configuration, but I'm getting server-down-page instead of project site....

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I see the default Laravel page rather than my local site-err

I see the default Laravel page rather than my local site... http://cars-paphos-city.test/ I do NOT k...

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Laravel Homestead is not working with Mac M1

I tried using Virtual Box and Parrels. I both cases I am getting errors when the vagrant up command...

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differ two folder levels - public vs private folder files

Laravel 8.x App's files can private files be in /home/username/ and public files be in /home/userna...

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but the folder here in the local machine Windows 10 is empty

I added a Site in Homestead/Vagrant/VirtualBox/Laravel 8.x

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how move in Production - what do other developers?

I will deploy the Laravel 8.x app in Production from Vagrant local app Normally the DIRectory to upl...

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Homestead misconfigurations

It has seemed that Homestead has a bug that creates misconfigurations for nginx. I never know when I...

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envoy deploys: Problems running envoy run deploy command

Envoy Version: 2.2.0 Laravel Version: 6.18.3 PHP Version: 7.4.8 Database Driver & Version: mysql...

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Homestead / vagrant ssh issue Connection reset

I try to install homestead on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. VM is running, VirtualBox 6.1.4, Homestead/Vagr...

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Variable `hostname` in Homestead.yaml

What's the purpose of the hostname in the config file and when does it matter what the value is? I'm...

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New Forge App, Undefined Index 'Table'

Hi! I just deployed my first Laravel app, built using Homestead on Ubuntu 18, to an AWS server via F...

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Homestead newbie problems.

Hi. I'm completely new to Laravel, so please bear with me if this is stupid. I've been struggling fo...

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Provisioning script

I added installation commands as apt-get install nginx to the file, but it's not doing anyt...

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Are you using Homestead (Slow) or Ampps (Fast) on Windows?

Hi all, I recently thought I'd give Vagrant/Homestead a go as I think it would help me quickly get s...

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What is actually inside the Vagrant box if not Homestead?

Hey folks... I'm relatively new to developing in Laravel and I have carefully avoided using Homestea...

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UnexpectedValueException laravel :protocol error

I am doing a project in Laravel 5.6 homestead. I got this error after i ran php artisan cache:config...

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How to enable Nginx Access Log on Laravel Homestead?

Hi Guys, I'm using laravel/homestead (virtualbox, 3.1.0), and there is a way to enable the Nginx acc...

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error installing Homestead - Timed out while waiting for

Hello Guys , I am trying to install the homestead in my machine ( Windows 7 ) . Vagrante version - V...

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Effective way to get Cachegrind-file outside of Homestead

Hello, I'm using PHPStorm in combination with xdebug and homestead. Now I'm searching for an effecti...

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