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API with OAuth protection

Hello everybody, I am new to Laravel, but I have started to use it because I read that it should be...

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Files and folders required for laravel project

Which files are required so I can move them or sell the project to others. As I think laravel has fi...

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Installing jetstream on fresh laravel 8x

On a fresh laravel project I would like to install jetstream as described by the documentation which...

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How to use paytms payout in laravel ?

hello, i have been working in a project that handles money transfer between users. I am using Paytm...

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Uninstalling laravel

There is a way to install laravel using Composer... composer global require laravel/installer So, is...

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there are no commands defined in the "nova" namespace

Just try to install Laravel Nova. but keep getting this error message when running php artisan nova:...

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Composer install fail on PHP 7.2 for Laravel 6.x

According to Laravel 6.x docs it has following PHP dependency. However fails composer install since...

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Tool to manage mutliple deployments of Laravel app

I am developing Laravel app, which would be in the end sold to many different customers (SaaS). Sinc...

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Homestead / vagrant ssh issue Connection reset

I try to install homestead on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. VM is running, VirtualBox 6.1.4, Homestead/Vagr...

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The requested PHP extension ext-php * is missing

I keep getting the error The requested PHP extension ext-php * is missing from your system. Install...

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Can't reach Laravel website from a different device

I have a laravel website and can not reach it from another device. (Tried solutions proposed here.)...

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jakub-onderka package abandoned warnings

Hi, I'm getting this warning when I try to create a Laravel project. Can anyone help me to resolve...

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Install vue on new version of laravel7

I installed a vue on laravel7. But npm run dev give this error: @ development: cross-env NODE_ENV=de...

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error package composer

[hello thank you for explaining if there is a solution, already try several things like composer upd...

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After update to Laravel 7 php artisan not working

Hello, after upgrading Laravel according to the docs to v7 I ran composer update. Then I'm getting t...

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httpd.conf mor_rewrite

I work for an orginazation that does not allow htaccess at all. I have to configure all request thro...

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posted 3 years ago

error : OpenSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errno 54

error what to do??? updated vagrant and virtualbox just now... after got below...well? leonidass-mbp...

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installation issue on Ubuntu 18.04 (DB name seems incorrect)

Hello, I followed all the steps outlined in the following two links:

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class app\model not found

showing the error: Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError Class 'app\Modo' not found...

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Installation problems on Plesk.

I tried to install laravel into my domain “” on Plesk. I have enable the SSH and my provi...

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