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API for Creating the address of USDT TRC20 for exchange

is there any API for generating the address for USDT TRC20 exchange from EURO i have used this :- co...

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posted 2 months ago

Problem creating laravel project with composer in netbeans16

I'm new to Laravel, when I create a project I get errors that appear in the node_modules folder, res...

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Nginx deployment clarification - security

Regarding nginx deployment outlined in documentation (

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Laravel project update

Hello, I have a Laravel project that currently has 2 versions. The first version has a series of fea...

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Fresh install on Ubuntu with Sail example-app throws errors.

Just spent several days looking over the documentation, installing everything to try Laravel on Ubun...

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posted 5 months ago

Why won't Composer update?Co

I am running Laravel 9.41.0 but my Composer is just at 2.0.7 and is showing me some deprecation mess...

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vagrant init laravel/homestead --- vs --- git clone

After PS D:\htdocs_xampp\Laravel9xhomestead> vagrant init laravel/homestead I must use: Laravel I...

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posted 9 months ago

Laravel 9 installation failed in windows 11

I installed Laravel on my windows11 system. Installed docker and wsl2 configuration done. when I ex...

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Application setup best-practice

Hey everyone, For everything I'm asking below it's important to keep in mind that I'm intending my a...

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Trouble with openssl_cipher_iv_length()

I'm running on Lubuntu 22.04 and PHP 8.1. When I first start up my server, with 'php artisan serve...

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mobile app development for fintech industry

As a mobile app development Dubai firm we have been creating mobile apps for the past decade for the...

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Serving multiple APIs with one Lumen installation

We have a requirement to serve multiple APIs with one Lumen installation. Basically, we are going to...

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Installing Laravel outputs error 255 (detailed in text)

For the first time I am trying to run my Laravel project on newly Arch Linux machine and when runnin...

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Composer Update Issue

I want to try to install an existing project but when I write a composer update then given the issue...

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I want to install laravel 8.x by

hi, I am building laravel using "curl -s | bash". I want...

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Your app key is missing message issue

After I finished composer installing on my MacBook, then I created new project via: **composer creat...

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I can't get the Version 9

Hi ! I can't get version 9 of laravel after the installation I get version5.4 And I got the followin...

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Lumen-generator Installation conflictlum

Hi Everyone, Hope you all doing good.I am newbie for lumen as i have to create api's for a mobile ap...

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Path issue shows with laravel installing via composer on mac

When I have tried to install laravel 8 via composer for on localhost MAMP I have gotten this message...

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Laravel sail up issue

I'm creating a new Laravel project using docker and sail, I'm on Windows 10, I have enabled WSL 2 an...

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