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Use unique validation for only specific record in database table

I'm trying to validate unique title for specific book_id it means is should be unique only specific...

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Multiple Authorisation/ multiple groups of roles - preferred starting package

Hi To be fair Im just starting to look into Laravel. The end goal is to have different schools to lo...

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error make:request

Hello, Please help me, this is the error that i get when i execute this php artisan make:request Pro...

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carbon button

i try make button disabled if not expired but after expired button not function like disabled not en...

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Laravel compare dates

Dear, I ran into a issue with laravel I want to 'compare' dates. This to creatae a appointment, but...

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how to show login validations errors using this code

with using this code $auth = Auth::guard('web')->attempt(['email'=>$request->email,'passwor...

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Laravel custom validation message

I'm using laravel 5.4 to make a custom form validation. But why is the custom error message isn't di...

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custom fields when throw Exception

Hi, I want to throw exception in my controller. I use this code: abort(404, 'user not found') I wan...

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Laravel Policies on Route::group with Eloquent

i have a \App\Polices\CustomPolicy with a method public function view(User $user, CustomModel $model...

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Validation, 2 fields unique

How can I have a unique validation rule on 2 fields? a. The application should not allow two people...

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Format FormRequest Validation Error Response

with reference to

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take previous value in Laravel Excel

Hi guys! I'm currently trying to implement something like this but with laravel- Excel: link Excel:...

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Laravel 5.3 - Login is not case-sensitive

Hi, I am using laravel authentication to authenticate my users. (Laravel 5.3) By default, Laravel us...

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Validation Rules

Hello, I have some problems with validation rules in FormBuilder. I want the second choice field to...

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Validator errors not in session?

I am validating a form with the following $validator = \Validator::make($request->all(), [ 'p...

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overriding response function is custom request classes in laravel

Hi I am using custom request class that extends laravel Request class validate user input data. I ov...

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to perform validations on fields from different tables.? I have qu...

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How to implement laravel request validation

Hello All, Now i am trying to implement laravel validation on my API controller, and here is my cont...

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Validation Rule - Ignore on Update

Hi all - I'm stumped with rule validation on update. All the examples use a user class but if I crea...

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validate directory read / write

Hi there, (im beginner in laravel:) how can i validate a file path for existent and then permissions...

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