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Delegating mission critical tasks to third party services

I'm working on a mission critical application. The application fetches Stock Market data from differ...

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Looking for: API backend package

I've played a little bit with october cms and have been wanting to learn how they let you access the...

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Send file as a standard multipart form post

What is the best way to send a file as a multipart form programmatically with Laravel? I don't need...

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9 Jun, 2014 at 06:26

One model, Varying behaviors

I'm creating a CMS portion of a more complex application. The CMS portion contains "Courses&quo...

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Trait 'Illuminate\Auth\UserTrait' not found

HI i searched Google but did not find anything about this and i never had this error before in Larav...

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Testing Structure and Workbench Errors

Hello. My setup is probably a tiny bit weird but I am working on a workbench system where everyone o...

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ioc or parameters?

hi, i would like to ask you how would it be better to resolve dependencies. i'm not really sure to u...

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16 Jun, 2014 at 11:35

implementing complex aglorithms

Hi, if i was about to use a complex algorithm which as well uses his own class, where would i implem...

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IDE for laravel code completion plus debugger

Hii, i need a free or open source IDE that has support for laravel code completion and also has a de...

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Issue with subdomain and redirects?

So I have my main site setup in laravel and everything works fine, my issue is I am trying to setup...

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Set Session MySQL variables when connection is created

I need to call SET SESSION wait_timeout=xx on my Eloquent DB connections after they are (lazily) cre...

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Complicated database model - use view or "normal" way via Eloquent

Hi, I'm rather new to Laravel development and need some help regarding a little bit complex model/da...

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Pattern for logging user actions

I'm trying to log all actions that users do (login / logout / CRUD) to a logs table in my database,...

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13 Jun, 2014 at 06:18

Documentation on Controller Routes

This is an excerpt from the documentation. I do not understand this. Can someone explain? You may...

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Class 'Symfony\Component\Routing\Route' not found

I have created a game page and trying to run in command prompt "php artisan serve" as well...

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Call model on different namespace

Hi i have the following code <?php namespace Backend; use BaseController; use View; use App\Mode...

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Classe comum em todas as páginas

Olá pessoal gostaria de saber a forma mais elegante para criar uma classe que seja comum em todas as...

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How to create accounting module using Laravel4?

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11 Jun, 2014 at 09:33

Understanding seperation of responsibilities.

I'm reading Taylor Otwell's book "Apprentice to Artisan" and I'm trying to wrap my head ar...

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When to use bind or bindShared in service providers

Hi, While digging through the Laravel service providers I noticed that some providers use bind() and...

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