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What causes this "Not unique table/alias" error?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app with users, roles and permissions. I try to get the current user's l...

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Updating SaaS with no downtime?

I have two AWS EC2 servers behind load balancer and one database with replication... How do I update...

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Vapor + Browsershot

I'm looking for a bit of help getting Browsershot ( working on...

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2 Laravel Servers with Observers on a shared DB (Advice)

Hello Community, I need some advice, I've got 2 servers (website A and website B). Website A updates...

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file_get_contents('/path/to/laravel/') instead of public url

Can I do this: file_get_contents('/home/user/public_html/'); instead of: file_get_contents('https://...

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Using Laravel vapor for video editing

Hello, We are building in-house video editing software for our clients. Is using Laravel vapor best...

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Laravel app with Nuxt client with subdomains

I'm creation a course platform with laravel as an API for a NUXT app, these two are in different r...

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Which Laravel elements are applicable? On a mission.

Could you point me in the right direction? I'm working on a (pro-bono) project and being new to Lara...

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Password + Passwordless Login in One Application

So I am building an application for a client who manages events that are staffed by volunteers from...

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Multi-tenant deployment using HTTP header

Hello, First of all please be aware that I'm not a skilled PHP programmer, even less a Laravel exper...

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SASS app where to save each users data?

Hi all, I’ve recently been playing around with Larvel and building a sample project to try and wrap...

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Handle Exceptions on Laravel 7 or >

Hey guys, i'm having a big problem with the diference between laravel 6 and 7 qhen treating Errors E...

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Single Teams in Jetstream

Hi, I want users to be part of only one team (where a team is actually a company paying for the serv...

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posted 2 years ago

Multiple Implementation of the same method

Hi, I need to keep a product database updated but it has over 100 vendors and all of them need s dif...

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Laravel adds repetitive elements to the path

To a certain element in my app I added a path /blog/category/{id}/{category} But sometimes at clicki...

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SMTP Laravel

I got an error of Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "petricreallionaires@gmai...

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Implementing a Microservice Architectecture With Laravel 8

I am looking for information on how one would go about implementing a microservice architecture usin...

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mobile application from laravel web application

hello, i have a laravel app it's a task management system, something like asana. i need to build a m...

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How to restrict user to only see their profile in Laravel?

Anyone had done this before mind sharing your code!

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How to load json files in rails model

Need to load th json files in active record modelrails

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